Escalators are for Standing; Stairs are for Climbing

The London Underground is a massive network of lines that move millions of commuters each year. The system is so busy that there is always research into methods to improve the experience of getting from here to there. When descending to or coming up from the trains commuters often find themselves stuck in human traffic jams. To facilitateContinue reading “Escalators are for Standing; Stairs are for Climbing”

Modern Venezuela and Wartime London; coping with shortages

The situation is bad and getting worse. A woman runs a small luncheon restaurant that has been doing very well but now faces problems because of difficulty obtaining sufficient supplies. Milk, sugar, flour are all in short supply in her city, which is the country’s capital. Word had made it to the cash area thatContinue reading “Modern Venezuela and Wartime London; coping with shortages”

“Bad” badminton players booted from games…but don’t have a bird about it

Eight Olympic badminton players were accused of throwing matches and have been booted from the London games according to CNN. I can’t believe these are the first group of Olympians who have tried to arrange for weaker opponents in future rounds by coming up short in the early stages, but I have not heard ofContinue reading ““Bad” badminton players booted from games…but don’t have a bird about it”

Working cat or just misdirected?

During CNN’s report on Mitt Romney’s visit to 10 Downing Street to meet with the British Prime Minister a tabby cat wandered up to the front door and seemed to be waiting to be let in.  CNN reported that it was a stray, however it appears that the cat in fact works patrolling Downing StreetContinue reading “Working cat or just misdirected?”