Dear PizzaPizza: Did You Lose My Store?

Dear PizzaPizza, Let me first state that I am a lover of pizza. Nothing exotic for me thanks, no pineapple or ham if you please, but a standard pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers, or as we call it in Montreal ‘all dressed’ suits me just fine. On numerous occasions, usually a Friday, I have placedContinue reading “Dear PizzaPizza: Did You Lose My Store?”

Updated: Dear IAMS Cat Food Company

Dear IAMS, Please excuse any typos in this letter, I am rushing to get it done while my human has stepped out to the kitchen to make himself coffee. I have commandeered both his computer and blog to get in touch with you. My name is Ferguson, I am a ten-year old tabby cat. IContinue reading “Updated: Dear IAMS Cat Food Company”