NHL 2013; a year of halves and Hab-nots

In an effort to have future hockey fans not refer to the 2013 season as the year or the Asterisk, the NHL Board of Governors has done some math and come up with the following solution to this truncated season as it relates to other years. This season all teams played 48 games; a usualContinue reading “NHL 2013; a year of halves and Hab-nots”

NHL gears up for playoffs; Lockout? What lockout?

Tonight’s game in Boston between the Bruins and Ottawa Senators – postponed earlier due to the Marathon bombing – will settle the playoff pairings. According to the Toronto Sun, the options are as follows: Ottawa wins in regulation¬†– Bruins play Toronto Maple Leafs, Senators face the Montreal Canadiens, the New York Islanders take on theContinue reading “NHL gears up for playoffs; Lockout? What lockout?”