Former student leader and current Parti Québécois candidate calls for voting instead of protesting

Parti Québécois candidate Léo Bureau-Blouin on Thursday suggested  protesting students declare a “truce”for the duration of the election campaign. Amazing! He’s only been a candidate for one day and he’s telling people the way to change things is through voting. According to an aide to Bureau-Blouin, the former president of the Fédération étudiante collégiale duContinue reading “Former student leader and current Parti Québécois candidate calls for voting instead of protesting”

A little something positive Mr. Charest please…

There was a time when book and record clubs used to send you a monthly statement indicating that if you DID NOT want the monthly feature you had to respond. No response would result in the book or record being shipped to you. The Quebec apartment leasing system works in a similar manner; when yourContinue reading “A little something positive Mr. Charest please…”

Student emperors have no clothes – no, not another “nearly naked” protest…

This opinion piece by The Gazette‘s Don Macpherson is interesting not only for its content, but for the comments that follow. One comment in particular caught my eye: Come on down to the USA students! Everyone in North America is laughing at you and your ridiculous demands.

Never ending Quebec student situation

The apparently never ending Quebec student strike/boycott is front and center in the news yet again today. I sense fatigue setting in on the part of the general public – and certainly Mayor Tremblay is exasperated. I hope some sanity can be restored before something drastic occurs. Related articles Mob rule or student strike? ( reading “Never ending Quebec student situation”

Do the protesters care about real democracy?

Here is a really good editorial from today’s The Gazette. As is the case with most newspapers, sometimes you agree with the position of the editorial board and sometimes you don’t. I feel that this piece makes many valid points and forces the reader to ask many questions. Unfortunately what is missing is the factContinue reading “Do the protesters care about real democracy?”