An outside view of Quebec’s election

A recent editorial in The New York Times casts an interesting light on Quebec’s recent election. The writer, Francisco Toro, makes some interesting observations most of which I agree with fully. the only sticking point is: …Quebec needs a fresh start, and it is getting one.What it doesn’t need is to reopen the old, divisiveContinue reading “An outside view of Quebec’s election”

Quebec election afterthoughts

Well, what do you know? The Quebec business community is wary of the new Parti Québécois government, and not merely due to language restrictions. In today’s The Gazette, Michel Leblanc, president and CEO of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal commented: Some elements of the Parti Québécois program worry the business community, notably certainContinue reading “Quebec election afterthoughts”

Quebec electors send messages

The voting is done and the counting is over and the thing that is most evident is that the Quebec electorate sent several messages yesterday. From the voters of Quebec to: The Parti Québécois– it is time for a change and, as you are the only viable option at this point in time (see messageContinue reading “Quebec electors send messages”

Quebec Election Day

Today’s the day, after a brief summer campaign, that the only real poll takes place – the actual voting. Pauline Marois and the Parti Québécois go into todays vote with 33% support according to a Léger poll, with the Liberals and CAQ in a virtual tie with 27% and 28% respectively. Maybe the people whoContinue reading “Quebec Election Day”

View of potential Parti Québécois victory from Winnipeg Free Press

The big question: What if Péquistes win? As a potential PQ victory becomes more feasible, perhaps unavoidable at this point, the rest of Canada starts looking at the situation. Peter McKenna,  professor of political science at the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown has an interesting piece in today’s Winnipeg Free Press‘s View fromContinue reading “View of potential Parti Québécois victory from Winnipeg Free Press”

Marois: splitting the sovereignist vote and flipping the bird

Watching the pro-sovereignist parties duke it out is like watching two scorpions in a bottle. The only good thing would be a split of the sovereignist vote that may allow a non-sovereignist party to slip in! But the real issue with this The Gazette story is the photograph. Several years ago Gilles Duceppe, then leaderContinue reading “Marois: splitting the sovereignist vote and flipping the bird”

Wooing minority votes – Anglophones in Quebec, Hispanics in the US

The Gazette‘s Philip Authier has a piece on Jean Charest and his Liberals as they enter the last full week of the campaign. The focus is on the courting of the Anglophone vote that was once a given. Jean Charest says anglophones should have no doubt about his commitment to their community. While in theContinue reading “Wooing minority votes – Anglophones in Quebec, Hispanics in the US”

Latest poll a worst case scenario for Anglos…and Charest

According to James Mennie’s The Gazette blog entry a Leger poll indicates Jean Charest’s Liberals are on course to suffer their worst election result since confederation! The online survey of 1,929 adults was conducted Aug. 23-24, immediately after last week’s four televised leaders debates. The poll gives the PQ 33 per cent support compared withContinue reading “Latest poll a worst case scenario for Anglos…and Charest”

Charest doesn’t take Anglos for granted. Gee, thanks!

In Philip Authier’s article in The Gazette Jean Charestsays he doesn’t take Anglos for granted. But somehow I’m not getting that warm fuzzy feeling. A good example is when l’Actualité magazine recently produced an article that said anglophones are not as well-integrated in Quebec society as some thought and in fact don’t believe protecting FrenchContinue reading “Charest doesn’t take Anglos for granted. Gee, thanks!”