Leprechauns, Gordian Knots, And Earbud Wires

I’m not one for things paranormal. The current spate of television programs featuring all kinds of ‘scientific’  devices to draw out suspected spirits leaves me, well, cold. Peoples’ take on the concept of “paranormal activity” varies; some are absolutely convinced there is no such thing, while others believe fully in the communication with those whoContinue reading “Leprechauns, Gordian Knots, And Earbud Wires”

Mysterious iPhone Jamming Building In Montreal

As I stroll along Ste. Catherine Street in Montreal on a pretty much daily basis it is my wont to tune in to one or other of several available music streaming apps. Sometimes it’s AccuRadio, sometimes TuneIn Radio, or perhaps iHeart Radio. I noticed that whenever I pass the pictured building above – corner ofContinue reading “Mysterious iPhone Jamming Building In Montreal”

iPhone Oddities Continue

A short time ago I wrote about my computers working in tandem to drive me insane. Well, my iPhone seems to have decided it was time to get in on things as well. It is not the occasional email from December 31, 1969 with no content or sender’s name that gets me. Nope. It isContinue reading “iPhone Oddities Continue”

My New iPhone is Out to Drive Me iNsane

I’ve given it considerable thought and can’t find another explanation: my new iPhone is definitely trying to drive me iNsane.  A few weeks ago my old iPhone decided to retire, necessitating the replacement thereof with a shiny new model. On the whole, I like my new iPhone. … when I need the screen to beContinue reading “My New iPhone is Out to Drive Me iNsane”

Daily Prompt: Obsolete Technology

For today’s Daily Prompt theme: Going Obsolete, Of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime, which one do you miss the most? I have decided to take a futuristic look at things. The technology I will miss the most is my iPhone which will become obsolete after I hurl it out theContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Obsolete Technology”