Interview With The Novel Coronavirus

I assure you this wasn’t easy to arrange, it required calling in some very big I.O.U.s, a great deal of legwork, even some begging and, not a little bit of luck, but finally, I was able to secure ten minutes of time with the Novel Coronavirus for a one-on-one interview. I was, of course, swornContinue reading “Interview With The Novel Coronavirus”

COVID-19: Interview With Virus God

Here we are. Day 752 of COVID-19 self-isolation, or at least it feels that way. I dare say nerves are starting to fray. When the pandemic was first declared, it was easy for governments to act. The keyword was: close. The virus was running rampant and so we were all instructed to stay home. “StayContinue reading “COVID-19: Interview With Virus God”

Weird Job Interview

I have to imagine most of us have had an experience that gives us pause for thought over the years. One such event happened to me about twenty-five years ago. I was between contracts and looking for a job. This was before the Internet was commonly accessible and most job hunting was still done viaContinue reading “Weird Job Interview”

Watching Baseball with a Hall of Famer

This year’s version has been an exceptionally entertaining World Series. Some late nights due to extra innings, but very enjoyable. If you read this blog regularly you may know that I have a difficult time with fantasy and time-travel, yet even I can appreciate the greatness of 1989’s film Field of Dreams. So it wasContinue reading “Watching Baseball with a Hall of Famer”

Interview With Twitter’s #Hashtag

DCM:  Thanks for taking a few moments from your busy day to talk to me Hashtag. I know you’re got a lot on because you are the only thing that is always trending on Twitter, albeit in conjunction with something else. #:         It’s my pleasure. You’re right, I’m always visible whenever you check what’s hotContinue reading “Interview With Twitter’s #Hashtag”