Periscope Study

When my wife and I got married a couple of summers ago, though many family members were able to get to Montreal for the wedding, several were unable to attend. We looked into the possibility of providing a live online stream of the event so those in far-off places could watch if not be present.Continue reading “Periscope Study”

Browser Oddity

Our computer woes are lessening, but not yet alleviated. Having purchased an HDMI cable from a local dollar store for the princely sum of three bucks, significantly less than the $29 and up charged at electronics stores, our laptop is now connected to our television. Not ideal, but a sufficient stopgap. Is this an attemptContinue reading “Browser Oddity”

My Yahoo! Updated but I can’t switch back if it’s not for me

Given the opportunity outlined in today’s Daily Prompt: Standstill I’d switch back to the old My Yahoo! Ever since I started using the Internet on a regular basis, about a dozen years ago or so, My Yahoo! and I have been good buddies. My Yahoo! is still the first thing that pops up on myContinue reading “My Yahoo! Updated but I can’t switch back if it’s not for me”