C’mon IKEA You Can Do Better

Unlike many people, I’m a fan of IKEA. I like many of their products and particularly enjoy our traditional annual trek to get a Christmas tree. The trees are all about the right size, they only cost $25 and you can get that money back after Christmas if you spend over $100. Not a badContinue reading “C’mon IKEA You Can Do Better”

Time To Rethink Public Work Station?

Yesterday while taking a short physical-distanced stroll I noticed the above-pictured work station near Montreal’s Atwater Market. I was truly struck by the sense of such an installment for public use. It has a raised part to save your back while working. It also has several handy basic tools on chains to secure they remainContinue reading “Time To Rethink Public Work Station?”

IKEA Swedish for Common Sense – Sometimes

Recently we made our annual trek to IKEA to purchase our Christmas tree – contrary to yesterday’s post.  I understand IKEA isn’t everybody’s cup of Glögg, but I enjoy the occasional foray into the madness that is a Saturday in the big yellow and blue building. I don’t want to relocate to Sweden, but IKEAContinue reading “IKEA Swedish for Common Sense – Sometimes”

Uber Taxi Service Uber-Gouges Clients

Uber: to an extreme or excessive degree                                 Merriam-Webster.com The Uber taxi alternative has been getting lots of media attention over the last year or so. Most of it positive. That is until the recent New Year’s Eve debacle. SinceContinue reading “Uber Taxi Service Uber-Gouges Clients”

Christmas Tree Hunting

In Decembers past my significantly better half and I would drive down to the local market where umpteen different Christmas Tree vendors vie for our dollar. They are all selling essentially the same things for the same prices. Once a suitable tree was selected, they would saw off the bottom inch or so to allowContinue reading “Christmas Tree Hunting”

Toronto’s media frenzy; a real barrel of monkeys

City getting attention for all the wrong reasons It’s been a tough few weeks for my neighbours to the west in Toronto. For a city that craves notoriety and media attention (there are those who think the actual name of the city is Toronto-we’re-a-world-class-city; if you have to keep saying it …) they have beenContinue reading “Toronto’s media frenzy; a real barrel of monkeys”

IKEA Hotdogs

There are many great reasons to go to IKEA, including the new disposable cardboard camera, but first among them are the hot dogs.  Not only are they tasty and cheap, but you don’t have to put them together…no assembly required!!! Related articles IKEA’s electronics venture continues with a cardboard disposable digital camera (digitaltrends.com)