Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s future: Andres Oppenheimer and Gwynne Dyer

Two of my favorite columnists, Andres Oppenheimer and Gwynne Dyer  have written about the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They aren’t in direct opposition to each other, but there are certainly some contrasts. From Oppenheimer’s article: My opinion: Latin America’s political cycles tend to change every dozen years, and Chávez’s death — alongside stagnant commodityContinue reading “Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s future: Andres Oppenheimer and Gwynne Dyer”

Venezuela in the lime light

Venezuela is certainly in the limelight lately – not necessarily for the right reasons. CNN has its own Venezuelan menu of items starting with the disappearance of Vittorio Missoni in a plane off the coast of the country and segueing right on over to the Hugo Chávez health concerns. It is a shame that a country with so much beautyContinue reading “Venezuela in the lime light”

Political tactics the same in Quebec and Venezuela: goading

Goading: Provoke or annoy (someone) so as to stimulate some action or reaction. Two interesting articles on the use of “goading” by governments, one in South America the other in Quebec. It isn’t new that Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois can be expected to pick fights with the Federal government. The PQ has beenContinue reading “Political tactics the same in Quebec and Venezuela: goading”