A Micro View of COVID’s Burden On Hospitals

In the immediate aftermath of the 2020 year-end holiday season, the COVID-19 statistics in Quebec continue to be at alarmingly high levels. Both the number of infections and the number of deaths attributed to the virus rise every day. It would appear more folks went a visitin’ during the festive season than are admitting it;Continue reading “A Micro View of COVID’s Burden On Hospitals”

Emergency Room 1 – Walk-in clinic 0

Over the last decade or so my body has decided that a mere cold is no longer good enough for me. Nope; for reasons known only to itself my respiratory system has determined that a cold just isn’t a cold without a serious whack of postnasal drip. But this year my body has outdone itself;Continue reading “Emergency Room 1 – Walk-in clinic 0”

Tubes, pneumatic and otherwise, still play key role in hospitals

On a recent visit to the Montreal General Hospital (MGH) I noticed on the wall an old pneumatic tube station, no, not like the London Underground. If you’re not familiar with the concept, pneumatic tubes, or capsule pipelines, are the system that department stores once used to send money to and receive cash back fromContinue reading “Tubes, pneumatic and otherwise, still play key role in hospitals”