Childhood Friend: Down, But Not Out

I see him from time to time. Maybe every couple of weeks during the summer; much less so in the rotten weather. At times he’s sitting outside the Metro, asking for change. At others he’s sound asleep on a bench, not unlike the fellow pictured above, down on the subway platform itself, oblivious to theContinue reading “Childhood Friend: Down, But Not Out”

Homeless Deterrent Spikes Removed. Montreal Mayor Acts Fast. Potholes Next?!?

Montreal’s Mayor Denis Coderre , with whom I continue to be impressed, showed once again yesterday that he is a man of the people. When it was brought to his attention that “anti-homeless” devices had been installed outside some stores on one of the city’s main shopping streets he was irate, and ordered their immediateContinue reading “Homeless Deterrent Spikes Removed. Montreal Mayor Acts Fast. Potholes Next?!?”