The Conspiracy to Make Hockey Soccer

I enjoy watching sports on television. Not binge-type watching, but a bit here and there. I enjoy baseball, football, a bit of basketball and soccer and, of course, as a good Montrealer my favourite is hockey. There is a very popular sport called football in most of the world, and soccer here in North America.Continue reading “The Conspiracy to Make Hockey Soccer”

NHL Tie-Breaking: How About Zamboni Races?

If you ask me, and no one has, just leave the damned game tied. Give each team a point and go home. It worked for donkey’s years. However, if you must decide a game, if a clear winner and loser is your desire, then please decide the game by playing the game, not just oneContinue reading “NHL Tie-Breaking: How About Zamboni Races?”

Rogers Inks Strombo to Host HNIC: A Few Tips

Remember NHL hockey is for all Canadians, don’t get caught-up in the Toronto-centric mind set that permeates HNIC – it’s silly and transparent. The Canadian hockey viewing population is about to be shaken to its very core. Last November it was announced that the deep-pocketed folks at media giant Rogers Communications had purchased the CanadianContinue reading “Rogers Inks Strombo to Host HNIC: A Few Tips”

Sochi Hockey Polls

For those of us in Canada, when it comes to the Winter Olympics the main event is Hockey because as the inventors of the game we feel our teams – men and women – must win. Other countries, particularly our neighbors to the south, the USA, have become very competitive over the years, and nowContinue reading “Sochi Hockey Polls”

NHL dispute and loss of hockey; fans don’t seem to care…yet!

A Postmedia News article in today’s The GazetteĀ  quotes an NRG Research Group and Peak Communicators survey that found that half of those surveyed don’t really care about the possible lengthy loss of hockey due to the current dispute between NHL players and owners. The results, out Tuesday, showed 52 per cent of those surveyedContinue reading “NHL dispute and loss of hockey; fans don’t seem to care…yet!”