I Have High Flavour

I love words. I wish I knew more of them; I envy people who have the ability to pick up second and even third languages with ease. I always figured you couldn’t go on to another thing until you have mastered the first. This goes a long way to explaining why I am a lessContinue reading “I Have High Flavour”

Postnasal Drip And My Daily Ca-cough-ony

For the past few weeks, I have been dealing with what has become for me a semi-annual event: the dreaded upper respiratory virus. I used to get colds just like anyone. But several years ago I started to experience the absolute joy of postnasal drip. No stuffy nose, no body aches, no fever, and myContinue reading “Postnasal Drip And My Daily Ca-cough-ony”

Hiccups as Torture

The topic of waterboarding was in the news a few years ago. This method of extracting information from suspected terrorists – otherwise known as torture – has its critics. Many see it as cruel and unusual punishment, while others consider it an effective means of saving lives. It is a form of water torture inContinue reading “Hiccups as Torture”