Are Local Newspapers Doomed?

In a recent column, her last, Montreal Gazette city editor Peggy Curran announced that she was leaving the paper. After 36 years she felt it was time to call it quits. She is going to spend some time looking at the world from a yellow kayak, once things thaw I assume. Although I have onlyContinue reading “Are Local Newspapers Doomed?”

Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s future: Andres Oppenheimer and Gwynne Dyer

Two of my favorite columnists, Andres Oppenheimer and Gwynne Dyer  have written about the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They aren’t in direct opposition to each other, but there are certainly some contrasts. From Oppenheimer’s article: My opinion: Latin America’s political cycles tend to change every dozen years, and Chávez’s death — alongside stagnant commodityContinue reading “Hugo Chavez and Venezuela’s future: Andres Oppenheimer and Gwynne Dyer”

English triumphs over other languages

Language is always a hot topic here in Quebec and I think Gwynne Dyer’s latest piece on the triumph of the English language will annoy some people, prove other people right or just fall on deaf ears. An interesting fact is that the Politecnico di Milano, announced that from 2014 all of its courses wouldContinue reading “English triumphs over other languages”