Guinness Going Vegan … Remember ‘New Coke’

Recently the folks at Guinness breweries announced that they were going to alter the 256 year-old recipe so as to make their world famous beer vegan. The beer will no longer include isinglass, a jelly-like protein scraped from the swim bladders of fish. Phew, thank god for that. I can’t tell you the number ofContinue reading “Guinness Going Vegan … Remember ‘New Coke’”

Confessions of a Beer Heathen, a Hop Heretic, a Lager Lightweight

Here in Montreal the long cold winter may, just may, have loosened its dreadful grip on the city. While not as snow-laden as others in the north-east had to endure, our winter was particularly cold. Some would have you believe that cold is the way to go, as it does not require shoveling and causesContinue reading “Confessions of a Beer Heathen, a Hop Heretic, a Lager Lightweight”