Montreal’s Griffintown

Once again my wife and I ventured out from our COVID-19 confinement – rest assured we remained in our large hamster ball, wore masks, and maintained proper social distancing. We decided to stroll – or roll – through the part of Montreal known as Griffintown. Griffintown (once known affectionately by residents as The Griff) wasContinue reading “Montreal’s Griffintown”

Griffintown development and Mary Gallagher’s ghost

Once again there are big plans for Griffintown as illustrated in Lynn Moore’s article in The Gazette. About 8,000 residential units are slated to be built in Griffintown along with 150,000 square metres of commercial or office space, reporters heard. With all of this development proposed my main concern is will Mary Gallagher recognize theContinue reading “Griffintown development and Mary Gallagher’s ghost”