WordPress, Google and Knitting a Conspiracy

I fear the people at WordPress have been fiddling with the numbers once again. I’m not a huge analyzer of statistics, but once every so often I take a gander at the number of visits I get. Lately I have looked more often because I get a notification from WordPress telling me my stats areContinue reading “WordPress, Google and Knitting a Conspiracy”

Dear John Letter to My Yahoo!

Dear My Yahoo!, It is after many sleepless nights and much consideration, and with heavy heart that I write this, but as is the case with giving up smoking, I understand there is never a good time to break up. It seems there‚Äôs always a birthday or a holiday, a party or an event comingContinue reading “Dear John Letter to My Yahoo!”

A Blind Man Running: An Ode To Being Average

This was his way of pointing out that while his work wasn’t perfect, any imperfections were so small as to be essentially unnoticeable. And more importantly, they weren’t going to be corrected, he was done! When I embarked upon this blogging adventure some two years ago I had originally considered calling my blog “A blindContinue reading “A Blind Man Running: An Ode To Being Average”