World Cup 2014, Fair Play, and a 7-1 Match Result

But tell me, what part of fair play, role modeling, and Beautiful involves running up the score to 7 goals? Okay, it’s been a few days since the German drubbing of host-country Brazil in the semi-final of FIFA’s World Cup 2014. FIFA has long touted their support of fair play, particularly at its flagship event.Continue reading “World Cup 2014, Fair Play, and a 7-1 Match Result”

Circumcision: get the facts, don’t go off half-cocked!

The topic of circumcision is in the news after “a  court in Cologne, Germany, recently ruled that circumcising young boys represents grievous “bodily harm.” The court found that the child’s “fundamental right to bodily integrity” was more important than the parents’ rights. ” I don’t really have a post on the subject, and I certainlyContinue reading “Circumcision: get the facts, don’t go off half-cocked!”