Genealogy and Serendipity

I started taking an interest in genealogy about ten years ago. I’ve always been a firm believer in the notion that what makes us what we are today is determined not only our life experiences, but by traits and characteristics of our decedents. You often find families that have generations of musicians, or athletes, orContinue reading “Genealogy and Serendipity”

Happy 100th Anniversary George and Madge

Exactly one-hundred years ago today – it was a Tuesday – December 3, 1918, London was enjoying an unseasonably mild day. With the Armistice having been signed just weeks before, one can easily imagine the sense of relief and happiness that must have pervaded the city after long years of war. Locals could once againContinue reading “Happy 100th Anniversary George and Madge”

Don’t Memorize, Write an Article

mem·o·rize ˈmeməˌrīz/Submit verb commit to memory; learn by heart. As my memory starts to play games with me I have taken to writing things down. Not just grocery lists and the like, but family history and lore. With two such memory-boosters developing from mere notes to published articles about my grandmothers.   DCMontreal – DeeganContinue reading “Don’t Memorize, Write an Article”

Home Children: My Paternal Grandmother

Last year I wrote a piece for a British genealogical magazine, Family Tree, about my paternal grandmother. She came to Canada as part of the Home Children migration program. Here it is. DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit ofContinue reading “Home Children: My Paternal Grandmother”

Matthew Deegan, Artist: Seeking Information

My grandmother’s brother, my grand or great uncle depending on who you ask, was an artist. He was born in London, following his parents’ move from Dublin, Ireland, in 1882 or so as the 1901 census lists him as being 19. The firstborn of nine children, his name was Matthew Deegan, after his father, making himContinue reading “Matthew Deegan, Artist: Seeking Information”