Montreal Grand Prix Signage Help for Tourists

Should you be considering visiting my fair city this weekend to take in the Formula One Grand Prix, as many are if hotel and restaurant reservations indicate, I am suggesting to Mayor Coderre the following sign. Rather than infuriate visitors with thousands of roadwork detour signs and road closures notices, on top of our potholedContinue reading “Montreal Grand Prix Signage Help for Tourists”

F1 Race Kicks Off Montreal Summer

This weekend marks the unofficial start of summer in Montreal. Indeed it is that time of year again when we locals are inundated by a fusion of Good Old Boys from the US in their regalia from various racing teams and exceptionally well-heeled European Jet-Setters. Yep, it’s Grand Prix weekend in Montreal. There was aContinue reading “F1 Race Kicks Off Montreal Summer”

Montreal Grand Prix + Rolling Stones = Sunday traffic nightmare

What has  a quarter of a million ringing ears, big lips and lapping tongue, and goes very fast, then very slowly, if at all? Montreal on Grand Prix/Rolling Stones Sunday. Over the next few days tens of thousands of visitors will descend upon Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix.  From small Bed & Breakfast establishmentsContinue reading “Montreal Grand Prix + Rolling Stones = Sunday traffic nightmare”

Students strip in protest of Formula 1 in Montreal

The circus that is Formula 1 racing has arrived in Montreal for its annual visit and injection of about $100 million into the local economy.  The  fears that the current student protests would have a negative effect on the event have, so far, been quelled – all the students did was get naked!! Now MontrealContinue reading “Students strip in protest of Formula 1 in Montreal”