Montreal’s Diabolical Detours

Montreal city hall recently announced that next year the city will host a Formula E race. This class of racing features electric cars, hence the E, and will be run on a road course instead of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. The city has earmarked several million dollars for repairs to the roads that will beContinue reading “Montreal’s Diabolical Detours”

Five Ways To Condense Montreal’s Summer Events

As I write this we are still in the midst of a very ugly provincial election campaign that has seen more mud slung than a Spring Break Wet T-shirt/Mud Wrestling contest. In years when the Winter Olympics are held, the NHL suspends league play for the two-week period of the games to allow players fromContinue reading “Five Ways To Condense Montreal’s Summer Events”

Is international media attention good for the Quebec student protesters?

As I write this the sound of a helicopter hovering over Montreal’s downtown area is loud and clear. Once again the student protesters are out but this weekend they have a bigger audience. With the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in town a more international audience is being informed of the plight of the students.Continue reading “Is international media attention good for the Quebec student protesters?”