Like City Hall, You Can’t Fight Facebook. You Can’t Even Give In!

I fought the law and the law won I fought the law and the law won                                    Sonny Curtis While I may not be ‘breaking rocks in the hot sun’, I have been punished by Facebook for using anContinue reading “Like City Hall, You Can’t Fight Facebook. You Can’t Even Give In!”

Facebook Real Name Update

Here’s the latest on my Facebook real name issue. After providing them with a scan of my Quebec driver’s license, they sent me the following email indicating it is not acceptable. Yet they clearly indicate drivers’ licenses are one of the I.D.s they prefer. Go figure!! DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a MontrealContinue reading “Facebook Real Name Update”

Facebook’s Star Chamber Keeping Me In Limbo

A few days ago I posted about my Facebook woes. Because my name was the name of my blog, in their infinite wisdom they have barred me from accessing my account unless and until I provide them with my ‘real’ name and submit appropriate proof thereof. I hope they draw the line a thumbscrews andContinue reading “Facebook’s Star Chamber Keeping Me In Limbo”

Blood Drive Volunteers are Music Greats

If you read this blog with any frequency you may know that I am a regular blood donor. My double negative blood type makes my red stuff ideal for babies in need of transfusions. How could I not give as often as possible? When the Hema-Quebec folks called me a few weeks ago to letContinue reading “Blood Drive Volunteers are Music Greats”

Amber Alert Success!

The power of social media is evident in so many ways. One often hears of the role played by Facebook in various uprisings and movements in undemocratic places. But it’s not just on a large-scale that the WWW can be of assistance.  In the  city of Trois-Rivières, between Montreal and Quebec City, a baby wasContinue reading “Amber Alert Success!”

Facebook and Cheap Trick: I’d like you to like me

A few days ago I started a Facebook fan page for my blog. I had been posting my blog to my profile page but was made to understand this is a Facebook no-no, one that can result in the profile page being unceremoniously yanked. Not wanted to roil the waters I linked a spanking newContinue reading “Facebook and Cheap Trick: I’d like you to like me”

The March on Washington and Social Media; what might have been

Fifty years ago today Dr. Martin Luther King addressed tens of thousands at the March on Washington – as was the case with Don Larsen‘s perfect game several years earlier, I believe many more people today claim to have been in attendance. This event, and in particular his speech – which would become etched in AmericanContinue reading “The March on Washington and Social Media; what might have been”