COVID-19, Wine, and Fast Cars

Yesterday in Montreal the sun was out, the wind was down, and it was that day. Every year there is one day, usually a Friday it seems when the first vestiges of spring are fully evident. People flood into the streets of the downtown core on the lunch breaks. Bar and restaurant terraces are packedContinue reading “COVID-19, Wine, and Fast Cars”

Montreal: Race Cars and Traffic Cones

This weekend marks the unofficial kick-off of Montreal’s tourist season as the Formula One circus rolls into town. Hundreds of thousands of race fans descend upon the city wearing F1 garb, driving expensive sports cars and spending wads and wads of money. Bring it on! During an average F1 weekend the traffic situation in MontrealContinue reading “Montreal: Race Cars and Traffic Cones”

Making the Canadian F1 Grand Prix More Montreal

Although the race is ten months off, work is now being carried out on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to bring it up to Formula 1 standards. The annual Canadian Grand Prix is an important Montreal event bringing tourists from around the world. Yes, it does tend to be loud, but the noise of the carsContinue reading “Making the Canadian F1 Grand Prix More Montreal”

Montreal Grand Prix Signage Help for Tourists

Should you be considering visiting my fair city this weekend to take in the Formula One Grand Prix, as many are if hotel and restaurant reservations indicate, I am suggesting to Mayor Coderre the following sign. Rather than infuriate visitors with thousands of roadwork detour signs and road closures notices, on top of our potholedContinue reading “Montreal Grand Prix Signage Help for Tourists”

Quebec Helicopter Prison Escape Take Two

“Fool me once Shame on you Fool me twice Shame on me.” Chinese proverb “Now, if I had the wings of an angel, Over these prison walls I would fly.” Bill Monroe, The Prisoner’s Song For the second time in less than two years prisoners have made good an escape attempt from a Quebec penitentiaryContinue reading “Quebec Helicopter Prison Escape Take Two”

Montreal Grand Prix: Not for the camera shy

Who can take your picture where, and what can they do with it? Today the annual Formula 1 circus rolls into Montreal for a weekend of extravagance.  This event belches exhaust fumes into our air and cash into our hotels, restaurants and stores. Some estimates put the revenue for the weekend at upwards of $100Continue reading “Montreal Grand Prix: Not for the camera shy”