Extreme Cold Dos and Don’ts

Environment Canada has issued an Extreme Cold Warning for the Province of Quebec. The terribly cold air mass is bad enough, but when the wind blows the ‘feels like’ concept is bone-chilling, dipping to -40C (which is where the two scales meet, so it’s -40 Celsius or Fahrenheit). The key to surviving this cold is toContinue reading “Extreme Cold Dos and Don’ts”

Polar Vortex: An Unwanted Weekend Guest

It arrived sometime early Saturday morning. Totally uninvited and certainly unwelcome, it  bullied its way into the north east of North America and made it clear it will spend the weekend. I don’t mean an annoying relative,  I’m referring to the phenomenon known as the Polar Vortex. So far we have been spared our usual winterContinue reading “Polar Vortex: An Unwanted Weekend Guest”

Snow is Inconvenient; But Cold Hurts!

As a blast of arctic air envelopes Montreal to start the week, the age-old debate arises. On buses, subways, on radio and in bars and cafes the discussion can be overheard: extreme cold vs. extreme snow. Certainly no one wants both, but given the choice which would you prefer. But most of all, cold friggin’Continue reading “Snow is Inconvenient; But Cold Hurts!”

Some tips to keep warm in the extreme cold weather

The weather has become the news. Extreme conditions do that I guess. Montreal, like much of Canada and the upper Midwest of the US, is socked in an incredibly cold air mass. My morning jog was more of a sprint and a promise today; when exposed skin can freeze in 10 minutes I don’t push it (when I wasContinue reading “Some tips to keep warm in the extreme cold weather”