Eugenie Bouchard: Do Ties Go With That Shake

I’m sure it’s tough being a professional athlete, although I’ve never had the experience myself. Rigorous training and competing, travel, and a small window of opportunity given the human body’s tendency to slow down with years all contribute to the lifestyle. Of course on the other hand professional athletes are getting paid to do whatContinue reading “Eugenie Bouchard: Do Ties Go With That Shake”

Eugenie Bouchard Asked Yet Another Asinine Question

The first major sports event of the calendar year is the Australian Open. While the January deep-freeze grips those of us in the north, the top men and women tennis players in the world head south to the sun to start another season. I’ve never been to Australia, but have met many an Aussie andContinue reading “Eugenie Bouchard Asked Yet Another Asinine Question”

US Open: Throwing in the Towel

The weather conditions in New York this past week have featured very high temperatures: hot, with periods of scorching, and humid, almost jungle-like. Throw in a few bolts of lightning, some thunder and the odd bit of torrential rain and you have a typical late-August, early September week in the Big Apple. Those who areContinue reading “US Open: Throwing in the Towel”

A Tale of Two Semi-Final Victors: Li Na and Richard Sherman

Trash-talking on the field, court or ice has long been part of sports.But once you’ve won, put it aside and show some class. Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard’s exciting run at the Australian Open came to an end when fourth-seeded China’s Li Na defeated her in the semi-finals. The older and more experienced Chinese player won decisivelyContinue reading “A Tale of Two Semi-Final Victors: Li Na and Richard Sherman”

Eugenie Bouchard: A Ray of Sunshine in the Cranky Season

People sure are cranky here these days. Maybe it’s because the temperature is well below zero and the wind is whipping it around making it feel even colder. Or perhaps it’s just the January blahs – no money after the holidays and no spring in sight – then again it could be the fact theContinue reading “Eugenie Bouchard: A Ray of Sunshine in the Cranky Season”