Urinals and Elevators: Rules of Etiquette

Even after fifteen years, my wife, who hails from Caracas, Venezuela never ceases to be amazed by some of the small cultural differences she observes here in Montreal. She has finally become used to seeing people in downtown Montreal dressed for the hot summer weather. Evidently in Caracas, where it is much hotter more oftenContinue reading “Urinals and Elevators: Rules of Etiquette”

Common decency just ain’t all that common anymore

I am slowly coming to the realisation that as I age I may well ┬ábe less suitable for community living. Perhaps the time has come to find a nice cave – one with all the amenities I am used to of course – and start living as a hermit. Why am I contemplating this youContinue reading “Common decency just ain’t all that common anymore”

Bus Stop Etiquette

Bus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say Please share my umbrella Bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows Under my umbrella – The Hollies Here’s a little bus stop conundrum that I ponder from time to time. Picture this: it’s a very cold/snowy/rainy day. You arrive at your bus stop only to realizeContinue reading “Bus Stop Etiquette”