So, must we start every sentence with so?

I’m a bit of a newshound. I like to have an ear to the ground as it were. Working from home I have the radio on in the background and the TV, with the audio muted, showing CNN, BBC, or Sky News. As I listen to audio reports on a wide range of topics, fromContinue reading “So, must we start every sentence with so?”

So, Like, Can We Rein In The Use Of Some Words?

Some while ago I was having a discussion with someone about the ‘hidden’ elements of various company logos. For instance, the arrow in the FedEx logo. Like most people who live in an urban area the FedEx logo is something we see almost daily on passing trucks and drop-off bins. But for the life ofContinue reading “So, Like, Can We Rein In The Use Of Some Words?”

Amp or Ramp Up?

  You hear it often. As something gains intensity, or someone tries even harder. Ramp up. The North Koreans have ramped up their missile tests. The quarterback is going to have to ramp up his efforts during the last two minutes if his team is to win. The police have ramped up their efforts toContinue reading “Amp or Ramp Up?”