Montreal Mayoralty Candidate With a Twist

It’s municipal election campaign time in Montreal. Along with countless radio interviews and television appearances featuring candidates from all parties, the city is awash with posters. Most streets are festooned with posters attached to posts, poles, and walls. Not surprisingly these posters, with lovely full-colour photographs of candidates, are often vandalized. Sometimes it is harmlessContinue reading “Montreal Mayoralty Candidate With a Twist”

Venezuelan Elections Signal Changes on the Horizon

Last Sunday was a tense day around my place. My significantly better half, of Venezuelan origin, was glued to several social media apps – Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp in particular – in an attempt to get up to the minute information on the parliamentary elections in Venezuela. As an interested observer I had seen thisContinue reading “Venezuelan Elections Signal Changes on the Horizon”

United States and Venezuela: contrasting election campaigns

The US election in just over a month is the focal point of the media. The election of the “leader of the free world” is of interest to all and certainly needs to be monitored closely. But another important election will be held this Sunday in Venezuela; will Hugo Chavez retain his presidency after 14Continue reading “United States and Venezuela: contrasting election campaigns”