The March on Washington and Social Media; what might have been

Fifty years ago today Dr. Martin Luther King addressed tens of thousands at the March on Washington – as was the case with Don Larsen‘s perfect game several years earlier, I believe many more people today claim to have been in attendance. This event, and in particular his speech – which would become etched in AmericanContinue reading “The March on Washington and Social Media; what might have been”

Egypt emergency: Social media trumps network news

On several occasions I have blogged about what I refer to as the attempt, by several media outlets, to sanitize the news. In one instance I mentioned CNN’s coverage of the manhunt for Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and in particular how, when things looked like they were coming to a head, reporter Deborah Feyerick  informedContinue reading “Egypt emergency: Social media trumps network news”

Egyptian construction and engineering not what it was…

A very sad story in the news about 11 people killed in an Egyptian building collapse. It seems odd that the same folks who constructed the pyramids –  some dating back to about 2600BC  and still standing – should have a building collapse. I guess it just shows that you can’t cut corners when doingContinue reading “Egyptian construction and engineering not what it was…”