School Principal’s Less Than Magnetic Personality

It’s the first day of school. As I have mentioned in another post, I don’t believe I ever returned to school before hearing Jerry Lewis close out his annual Labour Day telethon by singing You’ll Never Walk Alone. Fifty years ago I was entering grade three. I still live around the corner from the schoolContinue reading “School Principal’s Less Than Magnetic Personality”

Fiftieth Anniversary of My First Day of School

September 7,1965 was the Tuesday after Labour Day and therefore the first day of school. It was fifty years ago, and was indeed my very first day of school – ever. By coincidence over the weekend I noticed an obituary in the local newspaper, the deceased had the same surname as my grade one teacher.Continue reading “Fiftieth Anniversary of My First Day of School”

Helicopter Parents Return

And they’re back. Just as the swallows return to Capistrano each spring, the soccer helicopter parents have returned to the park up the street from my humble abode. Aside from hogging all the legal ┬áparking spots on streets in the immediate vicinity of the park, causing locals returning home from work much annoyance as weContinue reading “Helicopter Parents Return”

Montreal Teacher Awarded $1M in Teacher Defamation Case

In a recent case of the legal system getting it right, a Montreal teacher won a $1.2 million settlement in a dispute with the parents of a former student. In 2005 the parents claimed that the teacher, Mary Kanavaros of Roslyn School, had humiliated their nine-year old son. The parents launched a suit against theContinue reading “Montreal Teacher Awarded $1M in Teacher Defamation Case”

Report Card Angst

As we angle in on the end of yet another school year I can’t help but be impressed by the approach taken by current educators to ensure that students enjoy the season, even after a long tiring year. My significantly better half, a seasoned teacher herself, tells me of the enjoyable activities and positivity thatContinue reading “Report Card Angst”

Consider teacher turnover rate when choosing a school

Comfortable, fairly treated teachers in well-equipped schools teach well while those poorly treated don’t. It’s Open House season for schools as they try to maintain or, ideally, increase their enrollment for next year. Selecting a school for your child can be a complex endeavor. But there is an important aspect to consider that may notContinue reading “Consider teacher turnover rate when choosing a school”

Finland, a world leader in education

Can you imagine a land where teachers, those folks to whom we entrust our most valuable asset, our children, are treated with the same esteem as doctors and lawyers? Resisting any and all cheap lawyer jokes, I can assure you such a place exists – Finland. Not only are teachers well thought of, but theContinue reading “Finland, a world leader in education”