The More Detours; the More Geniuses on the Roads

On her first day back at school late last August, after meeting with her fellow teachers and going through umpteen administrative chore my wife was driving home when she was involved in one of those chain-reaction accidents. Fortunately the traffic was heavy and therefore not moving too fast. Nonetheless the car behind my wife wasContinue reading “The More Detours; the More Geniuses on the Roads”

Crosswalks and Speed Bumps; Not Interchangeable

The other day I watched out my apartment window as a woman with three children, all of whom appeared to be under six years old, crossed the street. This alone was not unusual as there is a school just down the street. She made a point of walking to the crosswalk and telling her kidsContinue reading “Crosswalks and Speed Bumps; Not Interchangeable”

Roundabouts: Cute in Song, Annoying in Practice

Behind the shelter in the middle of the roundabout A pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray – Penny Lane by Lennon/McCartney The United Kingdom has been using traffic roundabouts in place of traffic lights for decades. The idea is that by merging with other cars in a circular manner and “getting off” atContinue reading “Roundabouts: Cute in Song, Annoying in Practice”

Common decency just ain’t all that common anymore

I am slowly coming to the realisation that as I age I may well  be less suitable for community living. Perhaps the time has come to find a nice cave – one with all the amenities I am used to of course – and start living as a hermit. Why am I contemplating this youContinue reading “Common decency just ain’t all that common anymore”

Welcome to Montreal, Please Don’t Turn Right on Red

Recently I saw an item on the number of European countries that have elected governments with far right positions. In the US, the current battles for party presidential candidates show a strong move further to the right for the Republicans as Donald Trump talks walls and immigration. All these turns to the right, even ifContinue reading “Welcome to Montreal, Please Don’t Turn Right on Red”

No Stopping vs. No Parking; Seems Simple To Me

Oh dear, here we go again. Why is it so difficult for some to understand the difference between ‘parking’ and ‘stopping’ a car? Last evening, during the height of the holiday shopping season with retailers pleading for trade, my significantly better half and I stopped by a local mall. We pulled into a drop offContinue reading “No Stopping vs. No Parking; Seems Simple To Me”

Keep Your Eyes On The Road; Surf The Internet At Home

There can be no question about the rapid advance of technology. And nowhere is it more evident than in automobiles. Wonderful safety features are now available including blind spot monitoring, rear view cameras, lane departure warning systems, and even a car that will stop itself should it sense an imminent collision. Once upon a timeContinue reading “Keep Your Eyes On The Road; Surf The Internet At Home”

Would Amending the Highway Code Save Cyclists?

  Drivers are from Mars, cyclists are from Venus By Special to the Montreal Gazette, Montreal Gazette October 15, 2014 In the ’90s bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, author John Gray illustrates how the genders differ. Men and women can experience exactly the same event, and yet have totally different takesContinue reading “Would Amending the Highway Code Save Cyclists?”

Cyclists Are from Mars, Motorists Are from Venus

It has finally occurred to me why some cyclists and motorists have such a hard time communicating, often leading to dangerous encounters. Like lovers of fine art, who can both look at the very same painting yet see two entirely different things, drivers and cyclists see the exact same intersection differently. So if we areContinue reading “Cyclists Are from Mars, Motorists Are from Venus”

Sunday Traffic Rant: What part of straight don’t you understand?

Why don’t people understand the simple traffic light below? Can I turn right now? NOPE! What part of straight don’t you understand? And that little walking man figure, didn’t that give you an idea? But when there are no people in the crosswalk can I turn right? No, it’s not optional! DCMontreal is a MontrealContinue reading “Sunday Traffic Rant: What part of straight don’t you understand?”