An open letter to the overseers of the English language

An open letter to the keeper(s) of the English language: It has often been stated that languages are living, breathing things, they are constantly evolving and changing to accommodate current trends and needs. One needs only to consider the numerous additions to the English language that arose from increasing computer and particularly Internet usage; reboot,Continue reading “An open letter to the overseers of the English language”

Daily Prompt – Local: Don’t ask for the subway in Mun-tree-all unless you’re hungry

Today’s Daily Post may have been devised with Montréal in mind. Montréal is the largest city in the Canadian province of Québec, and a hotbed of mispronounced words, words borrowed from one language to another and local slang. If you ask the federal government about official languages they’ll tell you Canada is officially a bilingual country;Continue reading “Daily Prompt – Local: Don’t ask for the subway in Mun-tree-all unless you’re hungry”

British Navy Using Spears Against Pirates

This post is ideal for Halloween, as it includes pirates, sailors and a princess! Here’s a little treat for you. In an attempt to thwart Somali pirates the British Navy has resorted to the use of Spears. The British Navy is playing dirty pool to combat the pirates; they’re blasting Britney Spears‘ music across theContinue reading “British Navy Using Spears Against Pirates”

Points of view

This week’s Weekly Writing Challenge emphasizes point of view. Below is an incident with three different takes from three different participants. Scene one – a downtown fourth floor condominium on a Tuesday at 2:30 pm A man, suspecting his wife is having an affair, comes home unexpectedly to catch her in flagrante delicto. He bursts into the bedroomContinue reading “Points of view”

A letter to Major League Baseball’s Commissioner Search Committee

The recent Weekly Writing Challenge called for a focus on history in the making. With a new commissioner of Major League Baseball on the horizon I thought I’d write a letter. Dear Major League Baseball Commissioner Search Committee, Outgoing Commissioner Bud Selig has been considerate enough to give you more than a year to selectContinue reading “A letter to Major League Baseball’s Commissioner Search Committee”

World War One, Coincidences and Family Birthdays

This recent post fits today’s Daily Prompt: Home as home and family go hand-in-hand! Talk about coincidences! This Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, will be the 99th anniversary of the day my grandfather signed his attestation papers at Valcartier, Quebec in 1914 agreeing to serve overseas in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) in what we now referContinue reading “World War One, Coincidences and Family Birthdays”

Daily Prompt: Server Not Found!

Today’s Daily Prompt – Service brings to mind an experience I had a couple of weeks ago. I walked out of an eatery – before ordering – because the restaurant had apparently been hacked by the same people who hacked the New York Times website. The results were the same: Server Not Found DCMontreal isContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Server Not Found!”

Daily Prompt: Sorry, I’m Busy – De Nile

Today’s Daily Prompt called for a picture of the Nile, so here’s a lovely shot from Wikipedia. What’s that? Not de Nile but denial. I don’t think so, that would mean I’d misunderstood it and, well, that just doesn’t happen … not to me… Nope, wasn’t me…Uh-uh…no way…   DCMontreal is a Montreal writer bornContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Sorry, I’m Busy – De Nile”

Daily Prompt: Luxurious – simple yet traditional combination

Today’s Daily Prompt is Luxurious. Now I may well be a man of simple tastes, but you just can’t beat … DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that. a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, someContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Luxurious – simple yet traditional combination”