Summer Sounds: Birds, Lizards and Chain Saws

Nothing is finer than waking up to the sounds of early summer: a whole mess of birds chirping and calling, squirrels shouting at each other, the occasional cat howling, early morning dog walkers greeting each other. The lilt of the breeze through windows that are wide-open as the air-conditioner, which has been installed, is notContinue reading “Summer Sounds: Birds, Lizards and Chain Saws”

Working cat or just misdirected?

During CNN’s report on Mitt Romney’s visit to 10 Downing Street to meet with the British Prime Minister a tabby cat wandered up to the front door and seemed to be waiting to be let in.  CNN reported that it was a stray, however it appears that the cat in fact works patrolling Downing StreetContinue reading “Working cat or just misdirected?”