Leaking Keurig Coffee Maker Solved

Several years ago we received a Keurig mini-plus coffee maker. It has been used several times a day ever since, and we have had no trouble. That is until this summer. Out of apparently nowhere the maker started to leak coffee. Every cup that was brewed would result in a third to a half dribblingContinue reading “Leaking Keurig Coffee Maker Solved”

DIY: Not for Surgery, Aviation or Electrical Work

Now that spring has become a reality and no longer exists merely as a date on the calendar taunting us, the do it yourself (DIY) season gets underway. Weekend workers flock to renovation centres scooping up everything from garden supplies to toilets. Our relatively short Canadian summers necessitate this mad rush so that projects canContinue reading “DIY: Not for Surgery, Aviation or Electrical Work”