Dental Hygienist Or Proctologist

I’m one of those lucky people with both a dentist and a periodontist. Yep, twice the number of visits, twice the fun. I’ve been with my dentist for the better part of forty years, while I’ve only been seeing the periodontist for a couple of years, having been referred to her by my dentist whenContinue reading “Dental Hygienist Or Proctologist”

Popcorn and Dental Implants

I broke a tooth. I’m not a happy camper. It’s not the pain, the tooth was filled long ago and the nerve had lost most sensation. It’s the annoyance and of course, the financial pain is another thing altogether. Over this, I am fretting plenty. Evidently, most dental insurance plans do not cover implants. ItContinue reading “Popcorn and Dental Implants”

Thit, I Bit My Tongue. Thun of a Bith That Hurths

Frankly I don’t know why it doesn’t happen more often. A wagging piece of fatty flesh flopping about amid an army of sharp teeth, some called incisors, others canines, seems like a mouth full of blood looking for a place to happen to me. Life is full of little annoyances, peeves, irksome occurrences, call themContinue reading “Thit, I Bit My Tongue. Thun of a Bith That Hurths”