Daylight Saving Has Become A Big Deal

Welcome to Daylight Saving Time (DST) 2018. Last night many moved their clocks ahead one hour. Days will now seem longer because of the sunlight later in the evening. Every year there is a debate about whether or not we should continue this move, but so far DST is hanging in. As you meander aboutContinue reading “Daylight Saving Has Become A Big Deal”

Time-Thief: I Want My Hour of Sleep Back

One of the things I do well, if I do say so myself, is sleep. I could be an Olympic sleeper, if only the IOC would respond to my numerous requests to have slumber included as an event. So after last night’s clock change, Spring Forward, the annual theft of 60 minutes of glorious sleep,Continue reading “Time-Thief: I Want My Hour of Sleep Back”