Road Configurations Then And Now

It’s a popular topic on local radio talk shows, especially as this is an election year in Montreal. Of course, I refer to street configurations. Our current mayor, one Valérie Plante, is at best not a fan of cars. At worst she is downright anti-car. Since her election four years ago she has overseen theContinue reading “Road Configurations Then And Now”

What Kind Of Mind Rides A Bike On A Sidewalk?

While not a big fan of Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante’s plans for downtown, I do understand the need to temporarily widen the sidewalks during the COVID-19 pandemic. By dedicating half the existing street surface to pedestrians, physical distancing can easily take place. However, one wonders if a greater health risk than COVID-19 may be theContinue reading “What Kind Of Mind Rides A Bike On A Sidewalk?”

Time To Crack Down On Sidewalk Cyclists

I live in a part of Montreal that, were I writing a real estate advert, I would refer to as downtown-adjacent. As such I find myself in the downtown area on most days; perhaps doing chores, having a beer, or just out for a walk to fend-off Pandemic induced cabin fever. … cut-back traffic toContinue reading “Time To Crack Down On Sidewalk Cyclists”

Shock Advertising And Cyclists In The 1940s

The photograph above was taken in 1941. The location is just up the street from where I live. At first glance it looks pretty sinister: a Nazi plane has apparently just crashed nose-first into a public park. In the tree is a parachute, evidently, the pilot was able to eject and his whereabouts are notContinue reading “Shock Advertising And Cyclists In The 1940s”

Two-Wheeled Rentals in Montreal

Montreal has just introduced a ‘pilot project’ that allows people to rent E-Scooters from various points around the city. Ideally these little LIME two-wheelers will be dropped-off at another designated point. Interestingly non-LIME E-Scooters are illegal and uses are liable to be ticketed.  The competition for hop-on-hop-off transport is getting heavy in Montreal. Until youContinue reading “Two-Wheeled Rentals in Montreal”

Please Don’t Run In Bicycle Lanes

Or perhaps it’s because it is my birthday today, but for some reason, I have to mention something that puts me in a pro-bicycle position. Maybe it’s the unusually mild weather we have been experiencing this autumn, but there seem to be more early morning joggers in Montreal than I can recall. I see them in the parkContinue reading “Please Don’t Run In Bicycle Lanes”

Will Urban Cycling Ever Work?

Recently the Government of Quebec passed new laws aimed at securing cyclists’ safety. I am all in favour of road safety for all, and hope these stricter laws will save lives. But I believe that until such time as cyclists take things seriously there will always be problems.  No one over the age of about eightContinue reading “Will Urban Cycling Ever Work?”

Would Amending the Highway Code Save Cyclists?

  Drivers are from Mars, cyclists are from Venus By Special to the Montreal Gazette, Montreal Gazette October 15, 2014 In the ’90s bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, author John Gray illustrates how the genders differ. Men and women can experience exactly the same event, and yet have totally different takesContinue reading “Would Amending the Highway Code Save Cyclists?”

Cyclists Are from Mars, Motorists Are from Venus

It has finally occurred to me why some cyclists and motorists have such a hard time communicating, often leading to dangerous encounters. Like lovers of fine art, who can both look at the very same painting yet see two entirely different things, drivers and cyclists see the exact same intersection differently. So if we areContinue reading “Cyclists Are from Mars, Motorists Are from Venus”

Driver Sues Dead Accident Victim

Aside from the concern for their own well-being, does it ever cross (cyclists’) minds the effect on a driver who, while heeding all regulations, hits them? Even if it wasn’t the driver’s fault, I believe there can be a dramatic effect on his or her life. There is a tragic story playing-out just north ofContinue reading “Driver Sues Dead Accident Victim”