The current COVID-19 Code Red situation in Montreal has caused an interesting conundrum, one that has received many hours of radio talk and newspaper ink. The number of people allowed to convene in one’s house is limited. The government radio advertisement states that ‘Indoor gatherings of family and friends are prohibited’. Not ‘not suggested’, notContinue reading “1-800-RAT-OUTS”

French jeweler charged in shooting: a tale of two cultures

A tale of two shootings. In the first case an armed robber is causing havoc in a Florida pharmacy when he is eventually shot and killed.  One assumes the shooter will be heralded as a hero and face no charges as he or she clearly diffused a very dangerous situation in the only way possible.Continue reading “French jeweler charged in shooting: a tale of two cultures”

Boston Strangler case takes a new twist: DNA

The 50 year-old Boston Strangler case took on a new, dare I say, twist this week when DNA from alleged strangler Albert DeSalvo’s nephew matched that of Mary Sullivan, the last of his victims. During the early 1960s eleven women were strangled, many of them were also sexually assaulted. The perpetrator came to be known as theContinue reading “Boston Strangler case takes a new twist: DNA”