Inform Restaurants If You Can’t Keep A Reservation

Bars and restaurants in Montreal are slowly getting back to business after the long pandemic-induced close down. It’s not a matter of lifting all restrictions, but enough that indoor eating can resume. Sadly many restaurants couldn’t hang on until things started to reopen and have gone under. Even those establishments that have managed to surviveContinue reading “Inform Restaurants If You Can’t Keep A Reservation”

Interview With The Novel Coronavirus

I assure you this wasn’t easy to arrange, it required calling in some very big I.O.U.s, a great deal of legwork, even some begging and, not a little bit of luck, but finally, I was able to secure ten minutes of time with the Novel Coronavirus for a one-on-one interview. I was, of course, swornContinue reading “Interview With The Novel Coronavirus”

COVID-19 Distancing: There’s No Opting-Out If You’re Fed-Up

On Thursday, March 12, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the spread of the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) had reached the stage of pandemic. At that time the bulk of cases were in the ‘European region’. However, the world was put on notice that this deadly killer was for real, and was movingContinue reading “COVID-19 Distancing: There’s No Opting-Out If You’re Fed-Up”

Will Downtown Montreal’s New Normal Become Just Normal?

Downtown Montreal is all ready for the first weekend in the latest phase of COVID-19 related deconfinement; one that allows stores with dedicated street entrances to reopen. If your store is in a mall you are still out of luck. Welcome to downtown Montreal. Please spend your hard-earned dollars in our stores. So sorry youContinue reading “Will Downtown Montreal’s New Normal Become Just Normal?”

Dear CBC: Time For Balconville

Dear CBC, While many areas of the country take the first tentative steps in reopening during the novel coronavirus 2019 pandemic, the ‘Stay at Home’ edict is still deemed to be the best way to stem the spread of the virus. People who would have traveled will be unable to do so. Those who preferContinue reading “Dear CBC: Time For Balconville”

Pandemic Relics, Get Them Now

The Internet has changed the world of collectibles. People on the hunt for Coca-Cola items, or wartime artifacts used to troll flea markets and rummage sales in search of something of value. Whether monetary value or just a missing piece to their collection, there was legwork involved. … my family being Irish Catholic, in honestyContinue reading “Pandemic Relics, Get Them Now”

Can Physical Distancing And Retail Shopping Coexist?

Let the shopping begin … or resume. Today is the long-awaited day when Montreal stores, those with dedicated entrances from the sidewalk, not those located in malls, can reopen. Back to normal you say. Nope. There is something wrong with governments that implore people to both practice social distancing and take public transit The cityContinue reading “Can Physical Distancing And Retail Shopping Coexist?”

COVID-19: Walk As You Drive

While out for a pleasant stroll with my wife yesterday I realized that I have started to suffer from “Covidium”. By which I mean the little, day-to-day changes in our lifestyle have started to shift from novelties to annoyances for me. Don’t get me wrong, although these things irk me, I understand they are essentialContinue reading “COVID-19: Walk As You Drive”