Costa Rican Civility

After three weeks in Costa Rica it has occurred to me that, aside from the physical beauty, the concept of civility is what has struck me most. This should not come as a surprise, considering this country celebrates the disbanding of its military in favour of education. I’ll provide more about this in a futureContinue reading “Costa Rican Civility”

Ash Day vs. Snow Day

When I was a kid in school every year on Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, right after Mardi Gras, they would troop us across the street to the parish church for the distribution of ashes. A solemn occasion that called for us to wear our Catholic hearts on our foreheads, if not ourContinue reading “Ash Day vs. Snow Day”

Christmas hand-crafted jewelry fair/ Feria Navideña

If you should find yourself in Costa Rica this weekend and are interested in unique, handmade jewelry of the best quality, please drop by! All the details are below, as well as a slideshow of some of the pieces created by jeweler Maria Eugenia Cabanillas Alonso (MECA) that will be available. Si por casualidad tieneContinue reading “Christmas hand-crafted jewelry fair/ Feria Navideña”

Nicaraguan Canal project will create a floating sub-continent

New landmass – Nicaricama – will be able to travel the world In the news a few days ago was an item about China wanting to invest $40 Billion to create a canal through Nicaragua in Central America. As an isthmus – it is a little know fact that the country’s coat of arms hasContinue reading “Nicaraguan Canal project will create a floating sub-continent”