Racism And Corruption: Deep Roots

This past weekend we rented the film Selma. The movie documents the events around the famous 1965 march from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery, the state’s capital, in protest of voter registration finagling. Racist hurdles were systematically put in place to make it essentially impossible for African Americans – then called Negroes- to complete the voterContinue reading “Racism And Corruption: Deep Roots”

Venezuelan Violence Stems from Corruption

Corruption leads to short-cuts; why worry about renewing your driver’s license when you can just pay-off any cop who stops you. Over the years it appears that various Latin-American countries have vied for the title of most violent. It used to be Columbia’s dubious title when the drug cartels were running things. The Medellín CartelContinue reading “Venezuelan Violence Stems from Corruption”

Will the perception of Canada’s transparency be in jeopardy with Charbonneau Commission?

Interesting news this week regarding Canada’s perceived level of corruption – and perceived is the key word. According to Transparency International the perception of Canada’s level of corruption is 9th lowest, behind countries such as Denmark, Finland and Sweden which tied for the number one position as the least corrupt. The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries andContinue reading “Will the perception of Canada’s transparency be in jeopardy with Charbonneau Commission?”

Corruption better dealt with in South America than North America?

According to this column by Andres Oppenheimer Brazil is cracking down on government corruption. While this piece from the Toronto Sun illustrates Quebec’s own corruption allegations. With the Quebec election campaign now in full swing these reports offer an interesting contrast.