Coors Light Box of Thirty Cans: Caveat emptor

Dear Molson Coors, I have long been a consumer of your Coors Light product. I have been very satisfied with the quality of this beer. Recently, while entertaining guests from out of town,  I had cause to purchase a larger amount of beer than usual. I bought one 30 can box of Coors Light thenContinue reading “Coors Light Box of Thirty Cans: Caveat emptor”

Dear Coors, Please Stop Messing With My Head

  Dear Coors, Long have I been a happy consumer of your Light beer. It is my intention to go on enjoying your product, but you have to stop messing with my head. Yes I do realize that one of the characteristics of the consumption of alcoholic beverages is the potential to experience altered brainContinue reading “Dear Coors, Please Stop Messing With My Head”

Confessions of a Beer Heathen, a Hop Heretic, a Lager Lightweight

Here in Montreal the long cold winter may, just may, have loosened its dreadful grip on the city. While not as snow-laden as others in the north-east had to endure, our winter was particularly cold. Some would have you believe that cold is the way to go, as it does not require shoveling and causesContinue reading “Confessions of a Beer Heathen, a Hop Heretic, a Lager Lightweight”