Carlos Cicada’s Stormy Night

My singing friend Carlos Cicada and his family have been staying on my street again this summer. The high heat and humidity that we have been enduring lately are welcomed by them; perfect for singing from their treetop lair. This summer I placed a bird feeder outside our dining room window that has been aContinue reading “Carlos Cicada’s Stormy Night”

High Heat Warning, Visiting Cicadas and Bernie Sanders

Perhaps known more for our extreme cold, Montreal is currently in the grips of a heat wave. The warning below issued by Environment Canada gives you some indication. Remember those figures are in Celsius; Humidex values between 35° – 40° translates to 95°F and 104°F. I have heard a rumour that the heat and humidityContinue reading “High Heat Warning, Visiting Cicadas and Bernie Sanders”

Cicadas Just Gotta Sing

While I have named inanimate things, for instance my Hyundai is Harvey, I tend to have more conversations with usually non-verbal neighbours, If you read this blog with any regularity, you will no doubt have noticed that it has come to the attention of various members of the world of wildlife that I have aContinue reading “Cicadas Just Gotta Sing”

Brood II Cicadas in the news and on the move; non-Brood II Cicadas feel slighted

Yesterday the temperature on the dashboard thermometer in my car here in Montreal hit 31 degrees Celsius (about 87 Fahrenheit); evidently we have skipped spring and jumped right to mid-summer. There was even a hint of humidity in the air, and we all know what that means! Yes indeed it’s Cicada time. Those little buzzing insects who sit inContinue reading “Brood II Cicadas in the news and on the move; non-Brood II Cicadas feel slighted”