Christmas Carols, But Not the Usual

As we come down to the wire, with Christmas peeking over the horizon, radio stations have switched to seasonal music. They never seem to know when to do this. Some stations start with weekends in December, reverting to their usual playlist during the week, then go all out for the last week. Others slowly transition,Continue reading “Christmas Carols, But Not the Usual”

King Wenceslas, Molly Faithful and Other Fractured Christmas Carols

Once the trick-or-treating is done, it’s witches and goblins out, Santas in. And with the decorations comes the music. It’s that time of year yet again. The annual debate rages about whether Christmas music and decorations are in evidence too early in stores. What is too early in the world of commerce? In the UnitedContinue reading “King Wenceslas, Molly Faithful and Other Fractured Christmas Carols”