A Baseball Fight With a Real Punch Thrown; it Even Landed

Last Sunday the Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers rekindled their tetchy past with a good old-fashioned Donnybrook. Well, as good as baseball fights get. At least in this dugout-clearing brawl there was one real punch thrown. Unlike hockey scraps, baseball fights tend to involve lots of players grabbing and holding, pushing and shoving, hootingContinue reading “A Baseball Fight With a Real Punch Thrown; it Even Landed”

Chris Nilan’s charities and causes

From anti-bullying to the Children’s Hospital and now Action Centre, a day centre for handicapped children, Chris Nilan is the ultimate community volunteer. Bill Brownstein has a great piece on him in today’s The Gazette. Nilan has a had love affair with this city since he played he played here. “I never wanted to leaveContinue reading “Chris Nilan’s charities and causes”