Kellyanne Conway’s CNN Caper

This morning I watched Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway ramble on for over an hour on CNN. They should have changed the name to Conway Nonsense Network for the segment. It was not an interview, although Chris Cuomo did address numerous questions to  Conway, more of an exercise in avoidance and obfuscation on herContinue reading “Kellyanne Conway’s CNN Caper”

Exit Piers Morgan; Enter Don Lemon?

Last night after just three years in the host’s seat Piers Morgan signed-off for the last time. He ended his stint as Larry King’s replacement in the coveted nine o’clock time slot on CNN by revisiting his crusade for tougher gun control laws. Unfortunately Morgan never really made an impact with viewers and was consistentlyContinue reading “Exit Piers Morgan; Enter Don Lemon?”

CNN’s ‘New Day’ Hosts Still Don’t Seem Comfortable

The recent decision to go with wall to wall coverage of the missing Malaysian airplane has given CNN a huge ratings boost during prime time. This was a much-needed boost as the all-news station has been lagging behind FOX News on a regular basis. Whether the evening ratings will hold once the missing plane crisisContinue reading “CNN’s ‘New Day’ Hosts Still Don’t Seem Comfortable”