The Night Chicago Died

Chicago is in the throes of a deadly gang war that has claimed countless lives over the past months, including 13 on one night last week. Nightly battles have attracted the attention of the country and no one seems to be able to stop the escalation of  violence. How many times during the coverage ofContinue reading “The Night Chicago Died”

Canada cool according to Chicago Tribune

Canada cool according to Chicago Tribune Land of the north, Chicago is calling to you. Calling your sesame bagels, smoked meat and Tim Hortons double-doubles. Calling your low rates of gun crime, and universal health care. Calling your oil, especially your oil. We hope some of that Canadian good fortune rubs off on our city.

US murder rates: why so cranky?

As 2012 winds down all kinds of statistics are being bandied about in the form of Top 10 (or 25, or 50) lists. On a more somber note crime numbers are also being talked about. In Chicago (population 2,707,120) the police have confirmed that Nathaniel T. Jackson’s murder on Thursday night was the 500 in the cityContinue reading “US murder rates: why so cranky?”