Charles Manson Like a Stopped Clock

There’s an old saying that even a stopped clock is right twice a day (once if it’s digital and in the 24-hour mode). In the wake of Charles Manson’s death his more popular sayings are popping up all over the place. His statement above was made to Diane Sawyer in 1994. Given our current world,Continue reading “Charles Manson Like a Stopped Clock”

Rolling Stone, Tsarnaev, Lanza, Hitler and Manson

If the editors of Rolling Stone magazine thought putting Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover would garner them some publicity they were bang on! Virtually wall-to-wall media attention has been paid to the cover. While some large retail outlets have decided not to sell the August issue, I think that will beContinue reading “Rolling Stone, Tsarnaev, Lanza, Hitler and Manson”

For Manson Family member Bruce Davis, parole attempt number 27 is the charm

After spending over 40 years in prison former Charles Manson family member Bruce Davis has been granted parole, after trying 26 times .  But he won’t exactly walk away a free man any time soon. The recommendation is not the last hurdle in Davis’ quest for freedom. The parole grant is subject to a 120-day reviewContinue reading “For Manson Family member Bruce Davis, parole attempt number 27 is the charm”