Eugenie Bouchard: A Ray of Sunshine in the Cranky Season

People sure are cranky here these days. Maybe it’s because the temperature is well below zero and the wind is whipping it around making it feel even colder. Or perhaps it’s just the January blahs – no money after the holidays and no spring in sight – then again it could be the fact theContinue reading “Eugenie Bouchard: A Ray of Sunshine in the Cranky Season”

Montreal needs a Candigato like Morris

  Perhaps a Cat-idate Here in Montreal we are currently mayorless. Our last elected mayor stepped down in November amid allegations of corruption. An interim mayor was elected by the city counselors to hold down the fort until the municipal elections are held this coming November. That interim mayor was arrested yesterday and faces 14Continue reading “Montreal needs a Candigato like Morris”

Montreal cleans up civic corruption

Montreal interim mayor Michael Applebaum had had enough when yesterday at 3:15 pm he commented on the corruption that, according to the Charbonneau Commission, infests governments across the province. “We have to take action to clean up this mess,” Applebaum said. “These people are like leeches and curs, they are ruining the city and if they won’tContinue reading “Montreal cleans up civic corruption”

Will the perception of Canada’s transparency be in jeopardy with Charbonneau Commission?

Interesting news this week regarding Canada’s perceived level of corruption – and perceived is the key word. According to Transparency International the perception of Canada’s level of corruption is 9th lowest, behind countries such as Denmark, Finland and Sweden which tied for the number one position as the least corrupt. The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries andContinue reading “Will the perception of Canada’s transparency be in jeopardy with Charbonneau Commission?”